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Due to COVID-19, the studio is closed. We have virtual classes on the schedule. Check back for updates.

30 Day Challenge

We are kicking off a 30 day challenge on Monday, June 1 and would love for you to join us! Check out this video for an intro to what we are doing.

UPDATED:While we were very excited to do live streaming classes for the challenge, there have been a number of gliches. Friday, June 5 will be the last live-streaming class. Starting on Saturday, June 6, we will add recorded daily videos to our YouTube channel.

We have enjoyed working out live with you this week, and will continute to enjoy this challenge with you! This change should make things work a little more smoothly though. And we want to make the videos clear and workable for you at home.

What you need handy if you are joining (optional items in italics):

  • Yoga mat and/or towel
  • Bottle of water
  • Resistance band
  • Dumb bells (or water bottles, anything to hold for added weight)
  • A sturdy chair
  • Your favorite tunes - We will post some Spotify playlists that you could use, though you would need Spotify.

Here are links to the videos, but it's best to follow the YouTube Channel for updates!

Day 1Legs & ButtWatch Video
Day 2CoreWatch Video
Day 3Upper BodyWatch Video
Day 4Legs & ButtWatch Video
Day 5CoreWatch Video
Day 6Recovery/YogaWatch Video
Day 7Legs & ButtWatch Video
Day 8CoreWatch Video
Day 9Upper BodyWatch Video
Day 10CardioWatch Video
Day 11CoreWatch Video
Day 12YogaWatch Video
Day 13Legs & ButtWatch Video
Day 14CoreWatch Video
Day 15Upper BodyWatch Video
Day 16Legs & ButtWatch Video
Day 17CoreWatch Video
Day 18YogaWatch Video