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Karen M - July 2012

Karen M

When did you start doing Bikram Yoga?
I started doing Bikram Yoga in Feb 2009.

How many times a week do you practice?
I practice 5 times a week.

What inspired you to start Bikram yoga?
The "HEAT" inspired me to start. Bikram yoga, which requires a person to perform postures in a HOT room for 90 minutes, presents challenges to every participant, regardless of each individual's level of expertise. It's a very unique, mental & physical, all-season exercise.

Had you done other kinds of yoga?
No, I have never done other kinds of yoga.

What are your favorite things about practicing Bikram Yoga?
Concentrating on my mind, listening to my body, feeling peace and full of vigor.

What's the best thing about Bikram Yoga Bay Ridge?
The affable people whom I met. Since Bikram Yoga has become my life time job, it is the place where I earn my health. It's my favorite haunt.

When you started, what was your biggest challenge In class?
"The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak." I wondered whether my stamina would hold out.

What changes has doing this yoga brought to your life?
I am hooked. Every time I feel fearful & weary during class, I gain strength, courage, and confidence in doing. This also applies to my daily life.

How do you motivate yourself to keep practicing when you're tired or just don't feel like it?
"No pain, no gain." Nothing will work unless we do. Persistence will be rewarded.

Any last thoughts you'd like to share?
Don't hesitate, just do it. Aim for success, not perfection. There's a saying that "Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration", which truly expresses my feeling of practicing Bikram Yoga. It's WORTHWHILE.

Felicia P - October 2012

Felicia P

When did you start doing Bikram Yoga?
June 24, 2012

How many times a week do you practice?
5-7 days a week. I just completed a 30 Day Challenge!! 30 classes in 28 days!

What inspired you to start Bikram Yoga?
To heal my body. Years of team sports, lifting weights, all kinds of cardio without ever taking the time to stretch properly left me with injuries in knees and hips. Pregnancy left me out of control of what was happening to my body and my weight went up and down for years after having my child. My metabolism changed, I noticed that I was not sweating when I exercised. All of my squats and lunges were not effective. It was frustrating. I really tried to be positive and "love my curves" but I know that I have more potential to be way more healthy and fabulous and gorgeous. I noticed that my friend Vanessa, who has 3 children, looked so wonderful and I asked her what she was doing. She told me all about Bikram.

Have you ever done other kids of yoga?
No. Sadly, no yoga and hardly no stretching. I do not know what took me so long to try yoga when anyone whom I have ever met who practiced always raved about the benefits.

What are your favorite things about practicing Bikram Yoga?
Savasana. SWEATING. Really doing something good for my whole being; head to toe, bones to skin, all organs, systems and chakras. There is so much to learn about all of the good it does for your body, mind and spirit. I am smiling more and my dimples are back.

What is the best thing about Bikram Yoga Bay Ridge?
The teachers are wonderful, warm, welcoming, encouraging and filled with knowledge. I am enjoying making friends, getting to know people and hearing what they have learned from practicing Bikram Yoga. It is a fun atmosphere.

When you first started, what was your biggest challenges in class?
The heat, not gulping water, distracting thoughts, flexibility, balance. The first 2 classes were the toughest because I had no idea how much longer the class was, so I felt trapped. I was afraid that I might pass out, many fears came to mind. But the teacher said to breathe. Always in through the nose and out through the nose, it will relax the nervous system. I was really out of shape. I felt terribly inadequate and not in control of my body. I just kept trying. I tried not to compare myself to everyone else. By the way, everyone in the class looked amazing and their bodies were doing what they wanted their bodies to do!! I told myself that the other people in there were probably not born knowing how to do this, they learned and practiced and I was confident that I could learn, practice and get better too. But I did cry after my first class. It was a huge wake up call.

What changes has doing this yoga brought to your life?
I have worked through some issues. There were some reoccurring negative thoughts that were coming up in class which was a signal that these were areas that I needed to address. So, out of class I took the time to examine and understand what I was thinking and why and that enabled me to change them to be more positive or to get rid of them entirely. I notice that I am breathing through difficult or uncomfortable situations. Eating mostly fruits and vegetables. I noticed that bread and cheese did not go well in class. I drink water all day. I am really making the time to take care of myself. I am more at peace with myself. More clear and decisive. Moving forward and open to possibilities.

How do you motivate yourself to keep practicing when your tired or just don't feel like it?
The possibility of one day wearing one of those teeny, fancy yoga outfits. LOL. Seriously,I realize that I need to improve all of these areas in my life and am wholeheartedly with an open mind ready to work hard and attend consistently. I feel that I need to do this to take care of myself. There is no question.

Any advice to someone thinking about trying Bikram for the first time?
What I have learned so far is to do your best to follow the teacher's words. Try not to be too hard on yourself. Love yourself. You are the most important person in your life. When you fall out of a posture, try to get back in. It is difficult but you are not alone. If you need a break, take a break. BREATHE. Come back tomorrow.

Any last thoughts you'd like to share?
I feel really honored to have been asked to be on the Hot Spot and writing all of this down has been helpful and wonderful for me. I am grateful.