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Auto-Pay Terms and Conditions

I understand that I am purchasing an unlimited attendance membership, valid for all regularly scheduled yoga and Pilates classes, at all Bikram Yoga Brooklyn studio locations.

I understand that I am paying for my first membership month today.

I understand that this is a monthly contract. I authorize Bikram Yoga Brooklyn to charge my credit card the monthly fee each month in exchange for unlimited classes, as mentioned above. This will continue monthly for a minimum of 2 months until canceled as defined herein.

Either party (myself or Bikram Yoga Brooklyn) must provide written notice to the other party at least a week before my next billing date to cancel. Email: membership@bikramyogabrooklyn.com

I understand that if my payment is declined or rejected and I do not provide valid payment information within two weeks of the original rejection date, this contract may be canceled.

I understand that I may freeze or hold my membership for between 2 weeks and 2 months for a fee of $19 per freeze. I must provide a written request for a freeze at least 1 week prior to the beginning of the freeze. Requests made within 1 week may not be honored. Email: membership@bikramyogabrooklyn.com

We at Bikram Yoga Brooklyn understand that injuries and illnesses happen and you need to take care of yourself. Please notify us within 1 month if an injury or illness has kept you from using your membership. We can retroactively freeze this membership, but only going back up to 1 month, when accompanied by a doctor’s note. Medical freezes are subject to the $19 per freeze fee stated above.

If you agree to the terms and would like to purchase this package, please click the link below. If you are already on the Monthly Membership and it is nearing your next charge date, please let us know you are switching right away. Just a quick email to membership@bikramyogabrooklyn.com with your full name and email will help us catch charges that should be canceled. Thank you!