"You’re never too old, never too bad, never too late and never too sick
to start from the scratch once again.”
     - Bikram Choudhury, founder Bikram Yoga

Introductory Offer
Standing Separate Leg Stretching Balancing Stick Bow

About The Yoga

Bikram Yoga is an amazing 90 minute class scientifically designed to work every muscle, bone, joint, ligament, tendon, gland, and organ in the body. While improving strength, balance, and flexibility, you will re-shape and heal your body, and relieve stress and tension. Additional benefits include the prevention of illness and injury, weight loss, and limiting the effects of aging. Students of all levels and ages benefit from this total body workout.

Come in and try it out with our no-commitment introductory offer: $49 for your first month of unlimited yoga classes!

Our mission at Bikram Yoga Brooklyn is to:

Improve clients' health, both mentally and physically, through the practice of Bikram's highly effective yoga, in a welcoming and friendly environment.

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What's Happening?

Thanksgiving Schedule

Bay Ridge

Thursday, November 27, 2014 - 8 am and 10 am
Friday, November 28, 2014 - 9:30 am, 11:30 am, 4:15 pm, and 6:15 pm

Brooklyn Heights

Thursday, November 27, 2014 - 8:30 am and 10:30 am
Friday, November 28, 2014 - 10 am, 4 pm, and 6 pm

Mini Workshops Continue

Come learn more about the postures in a 1 hour mini workshop with Nancy. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and get personal corrections. In order to get the most out of your yoga practice, it is important to have precise form. These mini workshops will help you get the most out of each class.

This workshop will focus on Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose, Triangle Pose, and Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee Pose.

Bay Ridge Studio - Saturday, 12/6, 2-3pm

Please sign up at the front desk if you are interested. Price is $20 per workshop, unless you are already on the membership or yearly unlimited, then it's just $10!


Practice on your birthday for $10

Give yourself the best present you could this year. Come to either studio on your birthday and pay just $10 for your class!

Regular Schedule

Bay Ridge

Mon - Thurs

6am 9:30am 11:30am 4:15pm 6:15pm 8:15pm


6am 9:30am 11:30am 4:15pm 6:15pm

Sat | Sun

8am 10am 12pm 4pm

Brooklyn Heights

Mon - Thurs

6:30am 10am 4pm 6pm 8pm


6:30am 10am 4pm 6pm

Sat | Sun

8:30am 10:30am 3:30pm 5:30pm
All classes are 90 minutes long.
For holiday schedule changes and to view teachers, see full schedule.

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